The good folks at Soundstage! Australia took a moment to visit the team at Audia Flight in Civitavechhia, Italy after the High End Show Munich 2017. It’s a short and sweet article: Audia’s electronics do most of the speaking for the company.

Writer Edgar Kramer goes behind the scenes and checks out the factory and listening room. About which he reports, “There, Audia Flight designs and ‘voices’ its products – a very good listening space is used to audition products for evaluation and tuning – and where general assembly takes place after receiving the superb Audia Flight products’ chassis from a specialized contractor. This subcontractor is able to meet the extremely high quality requirements demanded by Marzi and Nardini [company founders and engineers], a standard that is held for both the Strumento and FLS lines. But even then, the chassis plates are further hand-polished to higher standards at the Audia Flight facility prior to full assembly.”

The extremely high quality requirements are indeed a reason more and more music lovers and audiophiles are beginning to see the beauty of Audia Flight. Are Audia electronics in your future? Well, contact us and we’ll see about helping you find some to check out. Or, if you happen to be in Denver for the forthcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, then come see and hear them in person at Room 535!

Founders and Chief Engineers Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini