Audia Flight’s long awaited FLS Series has finally arrived in the USA. These new 100% Italian designed and built products promise to bring to an affordable price point much of what makes the cost-no-object Strumento Series so special. HFS will have the FLS 10 Integrated Amplifier and the FLS separates (the FLS 1 Preamplifier and FLS 4 Power Amplifier) on active display in Room 535. These beauties will be driving something special from England’s Neat Acoustics with AnalogueWorks providing the good British analog vibes. Connecting it all will be Signal Projects Audio Ltd. And, as always, we are thankful for the perfect electrical signal that Vibex brings to the system. Stay tuned for more info.


FLS 1 Preamplifier with Class A Headphone Amplifier

FLS 10 Integrated Amplifier with Class A Headphone Amplifier